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6 Tips to Wearing Makeup with Glasses

There’s no reason why glasses and makeup cannot coexist. We may consider our eyes to be works of art (and they truly are), but our specs represent the picture frame. It’s the symbolic arrow pointing at our liners, lashes, and lids. Hence, we should ensure our eye makeup looks fabulous.

Any spectacle wearer knows that your makeup might need some tweaking to account for dents in your foundation and to counteract a zoomed-in or zoomed-out lens. We’ve gathered some of the best tips for glasses wearers below…

1. Limit the amount of foundation you wear

Common problems with glasses are the dents, red marks, and scuffs that are left behind by their nose pads and bridges. A dent will appear more noticeable when you layer on your foundation thicker. So once you’ve applied your base, apply a little of what’s leftover to your nose to keep coverage light there. You can add some additional coverage to the areas where you need it.

2. Take the time to groom your eyebrows

You may have more or less prominent eyebrows depending on your frame. Your eyebrows will be magnified if your frames are slim, delicate and rounded, so it is worthwhile to pay attention to their neatness. Those with thicker and more rectangular frames should not waste much time on them, as they will not be seen.

Be aware that if you wear lenses that magnify your eyes, any regrowth of your brow will be more evident. Use tweezers to remove any stray suckers you notice.

Ariel GMB 2021 10 04T121607.566 300x251 - 6 Tips to Wearing Makeup with Glasses3. Adjust the liner and eyeshadow

When it comes to enhancing eyes, eyeliner is a failsafe choice, whether you’re adding some extra volume between lashes or emphasizing an almond shape with a winged flick. Matching your liner and your frame to your lens can be accomplished using the same rules.

Avoid looking bug-eyed if you are concerned your lenses are magnifying things too much. Your eyeliner should be darker and smokier especially around the waterline. Use some nude eyeliner and a cat-eye shaped winged liner if your glasses zoom out and make your eyes look smaller. Consider lighter colors (like champagne or pale browns) and use more shimmer if you prefer.

You can also use this trick to match your liner and frames’ thickness. When your frames are thin, keep your lining delicate; if they are bigger, keep it chunkier.

4. Curl your eyelashes

Whether you’re wearing your own lashes or extensions, we say prioritize curl over length. It might be a good idea to switch to a waterproof mascara if your lashes are already long. 

5. Wear a concealer

Eyeglasses cast shadows around our eyes, and if they have magnifying lenses, they will also highlight the shadows under our eyes and accentuate any creasing in our makeup. To counteract the shadows, look for a light-reflecting concealer in conjunction with a concealer that will neutralize discoloration and stay in place. Then set it all in place with some setting spray.

6. Beat the fog

Over the past year, the introduction of face masks into everyday life has resulted in glasses wearers fighting off foggy lenses. As bad as not being able to see is, foggy lenses make it impossible for anyone to see through them. Plus, smudged liner and mascara will run when the excess moisture is present.

Invest in anti-fog treatments for your specs to avoid this problem altogether. This step may not technically be makeup, but your beauty routine will soon include it.

If you need some glasses or just a routine eye checkup call Dr. Eric Medina at Radiant Eyes of Boca. 

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