Laser Cataract surgery

Restore your vision!

Cataract Surgery today has truly evolved into an art form. The technology available is incredible! Dr. Medina has pioneered bladeless cataract surgery and has a full ensemble of diagnostic and surgical equipment previously available only to academic institutions. 

Bladeless Cataract Surgery, known to those in the industry as femtosecond laser assisted cataract surgery, has really revolutionized the way we approach surgery. Gone are the days of the knife and blade!

Dr. Medina also has a wide variety of intraocular lenses, which are implanted following removal of a cataract in order to restore vision! 

The most advanced intraocular lenses are designed to correct optical distortions such as astigmatism!

Our most popular implants even allow for near and intermediate vision which can reduce or even eliminate the need for glasses altogether!

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