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“Dr. Medina is a fabulous Ophthalmologist. Very professional, knowledgeable, and thorough. He explained everything extremely well and answered all my questions. I’ve never had such a personable doctor. I  scheduled my surgical procedures! I have total confidence in Dr. Medina after seeing him!


Dr Medina was so helpful to me, he goes above and beyond to ensure you understand all of your results from eye tests. He answered all of my questions and I left feeling confident that I’ve found a great doctor. I would highly recommend him and I’ll be back to see him.


I was in need of immediate medical attention for my left eye and new to the area, so I called and was immediately sen by Dr. Medina. Within ten minutes of my arrival I was being treated efficiently and competently. I am 77 years old, so have been to a lot of medical facilities over the years, but this is perhaps one of the most professional and efficient facilities I have ever been to.
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