Important Corona Virus FAQ

What If i have an eye problem ?

Current official recommendations are only patients with new concerning eye symptoms or who require close monitoring be seen at this time

How long does a virtual exam take

15 minutes 

My condition is serious. Now what?

Please consider allowing us to perform a virtual eye exam from the comfort of your home to screen and diagnose most conditions remotely. We can even e-prescribe and have medications available at a drive-through pharmacy.

What do i need for a virtual exam?

A device that connects to the internet with a camera. Examples: Ipad, Iphone, Android, Computer with webcam, Laptop with webcam.


We will provide instructions regarding any app or software downloads.

Can Corona Virus Affect the eye

YES! Reports of live virus extracted from tears and of acute conjunctivitis have been reported. (Redness, blurry vision, discharge)

I really want to come in and get seen

Dr. Medina will personally screen all requests 

Virtual Eye Exam

Don’t risk your health or the health of your loved ones!

Get a virtual eye exam performed by Dr. Medina himself. We will be able to perform a detailed exam to screen, diagnose and treat common and sight threatening eye conditions. Know before you go!

Exams are covered by most major medical insurers. 

Mitigate the risk of exposure and spread of COVID-19 (Corona Virus)!

Zero to little wait time

Instant recommendation with the ability to e-prescribe medications to pickup from a drive-through local pharmacy.

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Dr. Eric Medina MD


 Ivy League Trained Ophthalmologist

Laser Cataract Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery and Injectables

Comprehensive Eye Exams

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Hear what our patients have to say about us


“Dr. Medina is a fabulous Ophthalmologist. Very professional, knowledgeable, and thorough. He explained everything extremely well and answered all my questions. I’ve never had such a personable doctor. I  scheduled my surgical procedures! I have total confidence in Dr. Medina after seeing him!

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Dr Medina was so helpful to me, he goes above and beyond to ensure you understand all of your results from eye tests. He answered all of my questions and I left feeling confident that I’ve found a great doctor. I would highly recommend him and I’ll be back to see him.

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I was in need of immediate medical attention for my left eye and new to the area, so I called and was immediately sen by Dr. Medina. Within ten minutes of my arrival I was being treated efficiently and competently. I am 77 years old, so have been to a lot of medical facilities over the years, but this is perhaps one of the most professional and efficient facilities I have ever been to.
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