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Do Blue Light Glasses Really Work?

We’ve all heard about the recent fad with blue light glasses, but the million-dollar question is are blue light glasses really worth the hype? Today we are going to answer that for you. Since the start of the pandemic, the average screen time has increased significantly, from children of all ages learning virtually, thousands working from home, and everybody binge watching their favorite Netflix show. This increase in screen time has led to more dry and tired eyes causing the sales of blue light glasses to more than double! Is there a real need for blue light glasses and what are some blue light eye damage symptoms that should make you consider buying yourself a pair? 

Dr. Mark Rosenfield, a professor at the College of Optometry at State University of New York, conducted two studies to examine the effects of blue light. Dr. Rosenfield concluded that blue light glasses can be beneficial, but in a way we might not have known was affecting us in the first place! Many people have turned to blue light glasses as a result of dry, tired, and achy eyes but did you know the primary lasting effect found from blue light glasses is actually significantly better sleep? Past studies show that blue light interferes with our bodies’ light cycle, meaning we all have an internal circadian biological clock which helps carry out basic essential functions, such as sleep. Our circadian rhythm is how we know when to go to sleep, and one way to mess up your circadian rhythm, is by looking at your screen late at night… Unless you have yourself some blue light glasses! By blocking out the blue light, you will be able to sit on your phone or tablet before bed without interfering with our bodies’ light cycle, therefore significantly increasing the quality of your sleep. 

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Now, in regard to your tired and dry eyes due to your screen time, also known as digital eye strain, how can you relieve some of the strain you’re causing on your eyes? Dr. Mark Rosenfield, a vision researcher at State University of New York has some important tips! First off, take breaks! He has a clever system known as the 20, 20, 20 rule, meaning you need to look at something every 20 minutes, 20 feet away, for at least 20 seconds. Another important tip to take away is to increase the viewing distance, never be less than 16 inches away from your phone, tablet, or laptop. 

In today’s world, digital media and technology surround us constantly. We turn to our devices for education, work, research, and entertainment. But how can we do it safely? If you’re using your devices at night (you can try to resist, but we all do it), then invest in a pair of blue light glasses to decrease the effect of blue light on your bodies’ light cycle before going to bed, leading to better quality sleep! Follow the easy tips mentioned above to avoid digital eye strain. And lastly, visit your local eye doctor to see exactly what your eyes can benefit from. Luckily, we have got you covered with virtual eye exams and consultations performed by Dr. Eric Medina himself at Radiant Eyes of Boca.

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