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diabetic eye exam

What to Expect during a Diabetic Eye Exam

An ophthalmologist should examine diabetic patients’ eyes regularly. This involves a comprehensive examination of the eyes. Diabetic retinopathy, for example, can affect the eyes retinas, which is why these consistent check-ups are necessary.  Retinopathy is a common eye condition that affects people with diabetes. A yearly eye exam can identify early signs of serious eye …

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eyesight and smoking

What Smoking Does to Eyesight

Every organ and system in the body is affected by smoking, including your eyesight. The main health risk associated with smoking is typically lung cancer, followed by oral health issues, but even those parts of the body not in direct contact with smoke aren’t spared from the damage. Tobacco and other chemicals used in cigarettes …

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eye health

How Sleep Affects Eye Health

According to research, sleep deprivation resembles alcohol in how it impacts your mind, body, and eye health… While that’s not good, how do our eyes fit into the equation? Why is our eye health dependent on sleep and how can we can improve our sleep quality by changing what we put in front of our …

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blue light glasses

Do Blue Light Glasses Really Work?

We’ve all heard about the recent fad with blue light glasses, but the million-dollar question is are blue light glasses really worth the hype? Today we are going to answer that for you. Since the start of the pandemic, the average screen time has increased significantly, from children of all ages learning virtually, thousands working …

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